Cool backup and more! – Cohesity

Cool backup and more! – Cohesity

In October 2016 I met Cohesity as a product on VMworld Europe. With the already great experience I had with the Veeam Availablity Suite, I learned some real improvements in back-up and recovery approach this company has been implementing. Especially for medium and large enterprises and service providers, this product brings you cool backup functionality and more!

First of all, the design of the product: you get a hardware box, based on a chassis that can host four blades. Each blade brings computing power and storage to the solution. First nice thing: this can scale endlessly! So if you need addition storage, after your first minimal three node set-up, you can increase the capacity of the Cohesity cluster by adding seperate blades. Currently a blade will add 12 TB of net capacity.

So having a scalable cluster in terms of hardware, the managements brings another cool feature: single point of management and no architectural worries: each blade increases both storage as computing power. From an operator perspective this makes your work a lot easier.

Last of all I want to mention the features that the software brings you:

  • Back-up & Recovery of VMs, SQL databases, NetApp NAS shares
  • Compression, Encryption and global deduplication (this last one is actually great on the storage usage part)
  • Public cloud tiering to AWS, Google, Azure
  • Replication to public clouds, NAS, other Cohesity clusters
  • Google like experience in back-up and restore, see my next posts
  • NAS functionality to do test & dev:  testing upgrades of software, auditing backup functionality
  • Indexing of files for both restore functionality as extensive reporting

This makes this product really more than just backup. In the coming time I will be posting more to show you some of these more than just backup features, that made me excited about the Cohestiy secondary storage product.

Cool backup and more by Cohesity