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Cloud is everywhere. Smartphones, Home & Car automation, Offices; everything is online and in the Cloud. But what and where is the Cloud exactly, how do I get there and can I go back? What a about my privacy, is the data I put in protected well enough?These are all kind of questions we get when working with customers that have challenges in applying cloud in the best way. With more than 15 years experience in cloudtechnology combined with legal knowledgde on using the cloud, we are your best partner to get the most out of the cloud.

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Cloud Architect & CEO at Fundaments B.V. at Fundaments B.V.
Architecting Cloud, preferably with new disruptive technology, is my passion. I have background in both technical and executive roles from various service provider companies and working now at a cloud provider with focus on tailormade infrastructure-as-a-service.

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